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May 10, 2024

Dear Friends and Business Partners,

We want to inform you that as a result of the process of continuous improvement and Innovation of CalorxFrio, whose objective is to provide you with a better service and greater benefits, we have made a strategic commercial alliance, so that the prestigious brand of heat exchangers DANFOSS, will be our supplier as of May 10, 2024.


Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality products with exceptional service, so we are confident that we have made the best decision for you, as Danfoss is a leading brand in the global market, recognized for its innovation and engineering excellence.

This change will generate the following competitive advantages that will allow us to:

1️⃣ Improve service efficiency: As Danfoss has a strong global service network, to serve your needs faster and more effectively.

2️⃣ Product diversification: to offer you a wider variety of heat exchange solutions, tailored specifically to your requirements and industry.

3️⃣Improved delivery times: Due to Danfoss‘ operational efficiency, delivery times can be shortened, ensuring greater satisfaction for you.

4️⃣ Competitive prices and high quality: Danfoss’ efficiency and economy of scale.

5️⃣Innovation: Danfoss has, like CalorxFrio, a high orientation towards Innovation, which translates for you into cutting-edge solutions that drive your success and give you a competitive advantage over the competition.


This change will reinforce the quality and reliability of our products and services to continue to maintain the highest standards that the CalorxFrio name bears .

We appreciate your trust and look forward to remaining your trusted business partner today and always.




Marisol De la Torre Peñuñuri 

CEO CalorxFrio

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